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Why should you choose UCPS?

All officers have an extensive background in the security and law enforcement field. At UCPS; we have an in-house security program that all officers must attend. After attending the classroom portion, our officers are also trained in the field to better assist our clients and have scenario driven tests.

All UCPS officers have custom made uniforms to properly fit providing a professional image for all our clients. We have many levels of uniforms and work with our clients to give you the professional look that you are looking for.

All clients receive nightly event logs that indicate what your officer has done throughout their shift. All incident reports and event logs are handed into your office by the beginning of the next business day in order for you to stay abreast of happenings and situations throughout the property.

A monthly report summary is provided to all clients to advise on areas that need improvement throughout the property.

Bi-weekly hazard detection summaries provided advising of any concern areas that could cause liability issues.

Marked patrol vehicles

24-hour hotline for any emergency related issues

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